National Swimming Pool Foundation


Encouraging happier and healthier living by increasing aquatic activity through education and research

Who We Are

We believe everything we do helps people live happier and healthier lives. Whether it’s encouraging more aquatic activity, making pools safer, or keeping pools open, we believe we can make a difference. Founded in 1965 as a 501(c)(3) non-profit and located in Colorado Springs, Colorado, our proceeds are directed to fund education and research and to help create swimmers.

The NSPF site is pretty large; we have consistently ranked in the top websites in the Aquatic Industry for at least 10 years. Our website presence has grown tremendously since the company took a leap of faith and launched our online training. The only NSPF website (circa 2013) was a complete mess. It was barely a functioning marketplace, where you had to click over 15 times to get your product purchased.

The new website, launched in mid-2015, has it all. Single Sign-On with our LMS Vivid Learning, APIs that allow users to purchase products on our site and then take them on the LMS, without the user needing to ever sign in twice, or even three times. Several dozen unique customer portals are available as well. Our Find A Class page has over 30,000 views a month at a minimum. From iContact, to Membersuite, to even UPS, we have built it all. I want to personally thank Monarch Digital for their tireless efforts in helping with the site.

Difficulties: I wish I had more time to focus on the site itself, but my time was evenly split between a few dozen portals and three other major sites. If I could I would spend another 20 hours finishing up the theming and cleaning up the discount code system I will. In fact my next two months, after some more Membersuite integration, will be dedicated to redoing the theming and giving it a fresher look.

Our discount code system is complex; an instructor will purchase "Codes" at a discount price, and then sell those codes to students. Students will then purchase the course online with the unique code. We have reporting, tracking, and troubleshooting all built in.