Idle Summoner


I have so much to say about this project; I loved every second of doing it. I designed, developed, and built everything with the game from the ground up, no game engine whatsoever. These days I might venture to the Unity side to make my games, but I wouldn't take this experiment back.


Difficulties: Built entirely in JS, HTML, CSS, and jQuery in a span of a few months. It made my passion for programming burn even brighter! My next game will be a bit more simplistic (especially the UI/UX), but I learned so many lessons from this one project, it is hard to think of another one that has had such an impact on my life.


You may play the game directly on Kongregate. It has an acceptable 2.92 (at the time of writing this) out of 5 rating and has been played by almost 6,000 players.

Idle Summoner